By Sam Deering

RinoFader – A simple jQuery fade slider (Guest Post)

By Sam Deering
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What is Rhinofader?

Rhinofader is a compact, simple slideshow / slider without a lot of knick-knacks. Not a thousand effects, not a thousand settings, only the fade-effect. Yes! Rhinofader also works fine with HTML content.

How to use Rhinofader?

The embedding of Rhinofader is very easy, just follow the steps afterwards:

1. Embed the JavaScript file:

2. Add the function call

$('ID of your 

3. Set height and width if your

    in your CSS file

    4. That’s it! Of course you can setup some options which can be found at


    Demo of Rhinofader

    A demo of Rhinofader is available at

    About the author René Maas

    René Maas is a German based web designer and developer. He is familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. He is also interested in Usability and Accessibility.

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