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Resource: 5 Free Icon Sets for Your Web Projects

By Joel Falconer
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Mila Milic

Need icons in a hurry for your next web project? Here are five icon sets that can be had for free, perfect for web projects of all kinds and including a social services icon set.



WebAppers Icon Set

Sapphire Icon Set

Polaroid Social Icon Set

  • Kreativ Theme

    Wow, these are really neat, thank you for the icons guys … and happy holidays to all!

  • nien


  • Tal

    Correction: Token icon set is not free for commercial use ($50).

  • Adithya

    Thank you … pretty useful collection !!!

  • IT Outsourcing

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful icons. It does not matter that they are free are priced, but at least you shared us free it’s very nice of you.
    Keep in sharing more like stuff……..

  • Crazy

    Be careful — it maters very much whether they are free or not. The licence condidtion for the first set cleary says that you may not use them for any commercal purpose without a license.

    Having been accused of copyright infringment and pursued by solicitors for using a paid for Net Objects template on a web site I am very wary of usineg any photos or graphics not created myself.

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