Request for Comments – CAN-SPAM Act

The Federal Trade Commission (US) has opened up a window ( for public comment on the CAN-SPAM Act introduced in 2003.

The FTC is seeking to clarify definitions in the act, such as person, sender and some guidelines on postal addresses for opt-out procedures (in addition to the electronic opt-out options).

There are also some other areas being proposed for modification based on some rulemaking notices in 2004.

For those that deal with email marketing, bulk mail or simply want to learn more, extensive coverage for consumers and business is available related to the act.

I have covered spam and email platforms in Open Sourcery and continue to see this as a serious issue not only for the end user but for administrators as well. This is worth a read and possibly some thoughtful comments regardless of where you reside.

There are some guidelines:

If filing on paper, comments should refer to