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RC9au – Engaging Title!

By Aaron Osteraas



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Today started much like the days that came before it, though I made it to breakfast, which has a pretty ambitious deadline of 8am. I wish I had some more great photos to share, but the fact of the matter is that there are only so many photos you can take of guys sitting around on laptops. A quick Google Image Search reveals that there is a vast quantity of stock photos demonstrating this very thing.

There is yet again, another plethora of talks on today.

Nine Consecutive Hours!

Some Kind of Caption

Other than going to a few talks today, I need to write up two very good interview I had with two very, very interesting developers last night. It will give my strained voice some time to recover.

Unfortunately there was a small tragedy this morning, when walking back from breakfast I found Renegade Crab. I can only imagine that this crab strayed from the beach overnight.

Renegade Crab

God Speed, little crustacean.

Aaron was formerly the Managing Editor for SitePoint Online.

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