Raw and Responsive: Design Resources that will make your websites shine

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If you’re tired of maintaining separate mobile sites for your web projects, we know exactly how you feel. We’ve assembled a stellar selection of responsive design tools to help you simplify and streamline your designs for mobile devices. And if you need some help with your imagery as well, we have some techniques to make your pictures sharp, clear, and compelling. Enjoy.

Forget Mobile Sites! 11 Design Resources for a Responsive Web

It’s time to stop creating two entirely separate designs — one for desktop browsers and one for mobile sites. If we really want a web that’s accessible across all devices, we need to put aside technology that divides. Here are some resources to help start building a single site that truly fits all devices.

Why You Should Edit Your Images in Camera Raw First

Editing and processing your images can definitely be a chore when there’s a lot of them. Photoshop is clearly the flagship program for image-editing, but what if you want a more focused way of polishing your images? If you want to focus more on correction and details, Camera Raw might be just what you’re looking for.

10 Places to Get Free and Premium Web Fonts

You might have just started using web fonts, or perhaps be looking to expand your font options. Because of font licensing issues, not even popular, established libraries can offer every font. You may want to explore several services to garner a wide selection of fonts fitting for any web project. Here are ten of the best.

Tips for Convincing a Client to Upgrade Its Brand

Have you ever worked for a client with an ugly brand? it can come in many forms—be outdated, ugly, ridiculous, incomplete, and inconsistent. Unfortunately, convincing a client that it’s time for a brand upgrade can run some risks. Learn how to delicately persuade a client to better its brand with your help.

Learn How to Create a Retro TV in Illustrator

Photoshop is surely the most popular software for designers, but its lesser-​​known cousin Illustrator has merits of its own. Every designer should learn Illustrator, especially if you already have it as part of your Adobe Creative Suite. Sharpen your Illustrator skills by following this retro Illustrator tutorial.

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