Rate Your Stuff with ColdFusion

On the web, everyone’s a critic. So why not let them rate your stuff?

Our latest tutorial, Five Stars! Add a Rating Widget to your ColdFusion App shows you how to do just that. Experienced ColdFusion developer and trainer, Kai Koenig, walks you through how to build a slick Ajax-driven rating widget that you can easily apply to your web site.

Whether your site is a simple blog with only a handful of posts, or a large ecommerce store listing thousands of items for sale, your content will be all the richer with this user-generated rating system.

Along the way you’ll learn a bit about the Adobe Spry framework for handling Ajax calls as well as becoming an expert in creating custom ColdFusion tags.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can test your knowledge by taking our short quiz. Were you paying attention?