(rant) Bookstores . . .

By Eric Jones
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. . . I just went to two MAJOR bookstores here in the Atlanta Suburb areas. Both of them had ColdFusion books, and both of them had them files under Internet Servers.

Yes I understand that ColdFusion is a Server & a programming language but they are grouping it with things like Apache, Dreamweaver, IIS etc. Not only that but the choices for CF books is slim to none right now and why is it that it always takes CF writers longer to publish a book when there are upgrades etc to frameworks, software etc.

We are into Fusebox 4 now and I can only find one book out there on the subject. Forget finding any books on Internet frameworks in general, they don’t exists.

It seems like to me that CF programmers are inundated with school, lectures and classes, while ASP / PHP etc developers get books galore to become self taught on subjects etc.

Am i the only one who realizes this? Am i missing something?

I guess it’s off to the major online retailers to satisfy my learning needs.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Wow – they’ve moved up in the world then. Used to be that they were kept in the Design section, even furthering the FUD that CF is a “designer’s” language, and not meant for “serious” web programming work…


  • At least you books stores have CF books. Every book out here – Chicago Suburbs – I go to . . . I can’t find a CF book. Finally I found CFMX for Dummies at a discount bookstore for like $10. And very recently I found one or too at a Borders. I wish the bookstores had more CFMX books out here.

  • Apache, IIS and ?Dreamweaver?. Seems to me you’re just as bad as the bookstore. Give em a break, atleast they had it.

  • Dave Ross

    The market for CF books is really bad. There has been some discussion on CFCdev about a communityu driven book on CF and design patterns. A mach-ii book is obviously needed too. Rob Books-Bilson was turned down by Oreilly for a new version of his book: http://www.cfczone.org/blogs/rob/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=105

    I think CF Books are a tough sell to a publisher when a majority of the information is available online, and the CF developer base is smaller than other equivalent technologies (like php)

  • jonese

    so you see the folley in dreamweaver being in the servers as well. it was really sad to see the arangement. And yes they did have it, it being singular. One CF book in the whole mixture….

  • I think the PHP and ASP books are more popular because PHP is such a popular language that people find easy to learn and ASP is such a popular “Get a job in a cube programming .NET” type language.

    If nothing else doesn’t the lack of books for CF say something about the popularity of the language?

  • Paul Kenney

    I’ve found books on CF in the database section at on store… hopeless those places are. Look at it this way: CF can’t be pigeon-holed into one single category! It does everything.

  • Sid Vicious

    Few people know this, but anything you can do in ASP, can be done in CF (and OFTEN with a LOT LESS code).

    As soon as Blackstone (v7) of CF comes out, it will be able to do what ASP.NET-level languages can.

  • jonese

    Let’s not forget that with the current release of MX 6.1 you can do just about anything a java application can do and more. (depending on server setup of course)

  • Bookstores, particularly larger non-specialist ones, aren’t staffed by people who necessarily know what Coldfusion is, so don’t be too hard on them – they’re not picking on Coldfuion, I’ve seen lots of books shelved in the wrong places.

    Most publishers put “shelving categories” on the back cover of the book to try and stop this, but it’s still no gurantee that the book will be shelved in the right place.

    With regard to the lack of coldfusion books out there – I think that’s down to two reasons:

    1. The perceived size of the market is smaller than that for ASP.NET, PHP, etc

    2. It’s been a while since the last major release that had significant changes in it. the next relesae may change that.

  • Philipp Cielen

    That’s an international problem. Over here in Germany they don’t know where to put ColdFusion books either. I complained to the guys at my local bookstore several times and now they finally moved the ColdFusion books (including my own)from “Web Design Tools” to their own category next to ASP/JSP/PHP. A part of the problem may be that Macromedia/Allaire never really promoted the difference between their application server product ColdFusion and the programming language CFML.

  • Someone should start a grass roots campaign to put little slips in the “Web Development” section of the bookstores that say “For Cold Fusion books see Databases, Servers, Programming, Networks, Security, …”

  • brianu

    Cold Fusion …. muck ;) !!

  • TheWebel

    Cold Fusion coupled with JRun as a standalone server, and integrated with the applications in MX is awesome. The cost is the draw back,as each application that helps
    develop a site is, to say the least, more in line with a corporates budget than the average small business level. As for information the CF application itself contains more material than I could read in a year and properly digest mentally. Macromedia forums are also available. Web development is such that the future of it is in your vision and patience and the willingness to learn and create. No fast answers to Cold Fusion, or the I want a server and I want it now tude. Get to Macromedia and type in your questions and follow the strings until you figure out what it is you need. Good Luck…and Peace and Patience