By Daniel Bogan

Rails 1.1!

By Daniel Bogan

The final build of 1.1 is now out in the wild – go team! With over 500 changes, you’ll want to take this bad boy home to Mother. No, really. What’s new? See the official weblog for the whole skinny:

Rails Weblog: Rails 1.1

Upgrading is a fairly simple, two-step approach (the first updates Rails itself, and the second updates your JS files).

gem install rails --include-dependencies
rake rails:update

Please note:Some plugins may need an update for the new version, and you’ll want at least Ruby 1.8.4, so YMMV.

  • T.J

    Thx alot man
    going to try it ^_^
    im learning ROR new but i think its going so well with me ^_^

  • WebDevGuy

    Quesiton for everyone reading this, is Rails a replacement to PHP or just another tool in your programming belt?

  • malikyte

    @WebDevGuy: This could be argued ’til there’s no need for a programming language at all. The best response is to “use what’s best for the job”, and therefore, the response should be that it’s just another tool in your programming belt.

  • Geoffco

    Having said that, you won’t really be needing PHP in order to develop a Rails application. Malikyte is right in saying that you use the best tool for the job.

    I’m liking RoR a lot. Makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside :-)

  • Sometimes economic causes may influence on my choise, which programming language I will use.

    I’m like programming in JSP/Servlets but there aren’t many J2EE shared hosting, this why I choose to program in PHP. maybe in later days when Ruby will be supported in more hosting companies (in my country: israel) I will start to write websites and application in Ruby & RoR. I like Ruby more than PHP. It is more comfort to me.

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  • Sojan80

    I’ll be setting RoR up on my Mac fairly soon, just need to take care of a few minor details and tweaks. From what I have seen so far, RoR is pretty smooth. Are there a decent number of hosts out there for hosting RoR apps?

  • Just thought I’d quickly jump in and let our blog readers know that SitePoint also has an active Ruby Discussion Forum happening at:

  • @Sojan80

    Check out TextDrive.

  • Linsday Fox

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  • Rails : is a framework not a programing laguage. Ruby runs on rail and the way rail framework is emmerging , with the MVC model , one can think of its simplicity it makes for programmer. I find a intresting thing in Rails naming convention where a singular model class name (mobile) maps to a plural database table “mobiles”. Rails is smart about English pluralization rules, so Person maps to people, and so forth.

    Apart from the smartness it also got the xml configuration scheme ., like the ASP.NET congig files. Its comming up with the web 2.0 convention.

    Will ROCK Overall!!1

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