On Our Radar: Preprocessors, Taskbars, and Board Games

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This week, we discovered a fun drinking game for web devs. It goes like this: 1. think of a noun. 2. google “noun.js”. 3. if it exists, drink.

On Our Radar

We began the week with a fairly heated discussion on which preprocessor was best: Sass or Less. Most people said Sass. Hardly any said Less. it’s quite disappointing because Less does have its merits, so I ask you: does anyone like Less? Are preprocessors worth it or do you go vanilla with CSS?

mikey_w had issues with their text not picking up parent styles, and the entire HTML forums team came down to investigate.

Mitinneague asked us to show off our… taskbar. And we did. And hilarity ensued. Then April came in with this, and we had no words:

Screenshot - 6_11_2015 , 9_52_13 PM

Wow. Just wow. What is seen, cannot be unseen, friends.

On unrelated web-dev news, because we sometimes talk about non-work stuff, mawburn wanted to know what board games we play. Do we play board games. From tried-and-trusted Monopoly and other old favourites, so modern games and all those in between, we share our experiences. This is your thread if you’re looking to spend time with your friends or family in a way that doesn’t involve a box emitting electricity and colors while eating mindlessly.

spaceshiptrooper has an issue with a PHP application. He wants to create a script download, and extra files, to keep his app up to date. If you have experiences with patches, we’d love the help. Meanwhile, chrisofarabia wants some opinions on colors for flat design. Help a dev out!

In Short

Don’t forget our weekly roundups, which is now three-times strong! Combining three forces of the internet, they are: This Week in JavaScript (thanks Paul!), This Week in .Net (thanks cpradio!) and the all new This Week on the Front End (thanks Ralph!)

Your two bitcoins

Don’t forget to post in the forums during June to win big! You can win an assortment of books, vouchers and swag. We have another competition up on Twitter at the moment, #UpgradeMyLibrary, so if you win both, SitePoint is basically furnishing your entire house.

If you prefer lurking, check out all the contenders from Twitter, and the incredible/tragic/ancient collection they make up as a whole. Don’t forget to RT and fave!

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