By Simon Willison

QuirksMode bug reports

By Simon Willison

Anyone who has done serious work with CSS will tell you that the most frustrating part of the process is dealing with strange browser bugs. Many (if not most) of these have been documented somewhere, but knowing where to look is an art in itself. PPK’s latest venture, Bug Report, is very welcome indeed! The site lists bugs in IE/Mac, IE/Windows, Mozilla, Opera and Safari along with test pages, some workarounds and the ability to comment on existing bugs as well as submitting new ones.

If your bug isn’t listed there, the following sites may be able to help:


  • thanks to afford above these sites.

  • I’ve been lookign for resources like these for a long time. I hate those IE bugs that make absolutely no sense and when you figure it out you want to kill Gates for the stupid IE error.

  • Or just disregard faulty browsers like Internet Explorer ;)

  • Ewout de Graaf

    The best thing is always to design and test for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox. Once the design is finished, test on IE and remove the bugs.
    I have done it the other way around a few times, and that gave me a whole lot of problems and hassle.

    By the way – i have made a few websites with only CSS – no tables, but because of all the CSS bugs and issues i’ve gone back to using tables again. Formatted using CSS, of course, but tables for positioning design elements nonetheless….

  • I use CSS + tables as well. I guess I’m in the transition stage.

    Great resources BTW :)

  • Bleh

    One other comment. Getting your browser out of quirks mode helps a ton.

    Pick a strict html doctype or an xhtml doctype (without the xml prolog), and bam. Most of your problems solved.

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