By Andrew Neitlich

Quick suggestion to get more clients

By Andrew Neitlich

Here’s a suggestion that is bearing fruit for one of my consulting clients, and so why not pass it on here.

Your homework: Make a list of 20 people you know pretty well and haven’t been in touch with for the last 2-3 months. Call them. Meet for coffee. Talk about how things are going. Ask how you can help them with their business, career, or anything else going on in their life. Then tell them what you are up to in your business. Probe a bit to see if they know anyone who might need your services. Educate them about the types of prospects you look for. Brainstorm together about each other’s business and career challenges. Agree to check in again in another month of so. Repeat.

This is basic advice that everyone knows to do, but few people do it.

So start today.


  • wildscribe

    Excellent idea. I try to connect with my clients at least once a month for lunch/coffee, but in most cases it is a quick phone call asking how everything is going. I have also found that it doesn’t hurt if you ask them if they know of someone who could also use my services. I have gotten some great clients through referrals.

  • Thanks! Here’s a case – I want to call an old client to check how things are. But the clients owes me money. I know this client has always paid me in full… only not on time. And the relationship is otherwise just great. I don’t want to seem like I’m calling just to remind of myself and my money.

  • ssttoo, if the client owes you money and you have a great relationship, then I wouldn’t think there be any problem collecting what is owed. First, I would get together and meet over coffee and talk about prospects and such. Find out if the client can pass any leads on. Then find out if there’s more work that they need. Then, a gentle reminder that your last invoice is still unpaid and ask if they need a recent billing statement for their records.

    In the meantime, you could think about how you could send more business to your client. Maybe some people you know, etc. By doing this, you show your client that you’re there to help them in their business, not just collect the cash and take care of yourself.

  • pdxi

    I do this, but I don’t do it _often enough_. Executing this exercise always brings something good, so why not do it more often – ? :)

  • jtrotta

    Reminds me of network marketing, after all what business doesn’t involve both networking and marketing?

  • Sounds good.

    Now if only I could look for my old mates numbers. :P

  • I always try to do this but rarely find it leading to new business. I don’t mind, because I enjoy the opportunity to get together with old friends and colleagues. However, most of my friends are not in any position to give me business or even refer business to me. Maybe I should be out making new friends?? :)

  • koogarsox

    Im going to strat doing this.. It seems like a simple and effective idea


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