By Philip Miseldine

QA for SQL Express 2005?

By Philip Miseldine

One of the features lacking in the SQL Express 2005 package is a Query Analyser. Of course, Microsoft have big plans for frontends to SQL Server 2005, however, I want something now!

QA Replacement Program is the first step towards building a free Query Analyser for this release of SQL Express. Its still got a way to go, but it might help alleviate the GUI blues until the next releases of SQL Server are available to all.

  • VodkaFish

    Woah. When did it move into beta 2? I swear it was in alpha just the other day…

    Anyway, I do hope they come out with a nice GUI for it. I don’t need a super-heavy duty Enterprise Manager, but just something to help me make some easy tweaks every now and then.

    I cannot wait to cancel my share SQL Server hosting as well. It’s becoming a clunky server and bringing this to my own machine (for free!) while keeping all the features I need from SQL Server is great.

    I hope they also come out with a nice “moving” tool, otherwise it’s going to be a pain to move all my tables, views, stored procs, etc…

    I do wish there was a screenshot or two for this QA Replacement Program. If you’ve set it up, posting one or two here would be nice.

  • VodkaFish – The nice “moving” tool is right under your nose! It’s called backup/restore within Enterprise Manager!

    HTH ;)

  • Wheres the GUI for this thing ? They say its going to be available on the site but theres nothing else mentioned and no links to download. .. errrrrr .. more time wasted thanks to MS. No surprise anymore.

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