Protect and Upgrade Your Mac with This Six-App Bundle for $30

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    Protect and upgrade your Mac with this six-app bundle for $30

    Not to be all “everyone’s out to get you!” but, hey, sometimes they really are. Save yourself—or just your Mac—from privacy and security threats with the Ultimate Mac Shield Bundle, now $29.99 at SitePoint Shop.

    Get this deal and you’ll get the following apps for protecting your privacy…and helping you (and your Mac) work a little smarter in the process:

    – Cookie 5, which keeps your data safe from snooping third parties by removing cookies on an automated schedule and keeping targeted ads away.
    – WiFi Spoof, a privacy safeguard that changes your Wi-Fi Mac address so hackers can’t trace you.
    – Invisible, which makes files disappear from view and password protects your data.
    – Privatus, which saves you from having to delete your cookies—it’ll do it for you after each browsing session.
    – Hides, a tool for clearing your desktop apps you can focus on the task at hand—not on clutter.
    – Email Address Extractor, which is aptly named—use it to extract valid email address from any text file without duplicates, and output them to CSV or TXT files.

    Upgrade your Mac experience and get added security with this Ultimate Mac Shield Bundle for $29.99.