Pronounceable Password Generator

By Philip Miseldine

Gareth Brown has posted a great snippet of code that generates pronounceable passwords. The hope with this, of course, is that users will be more likely to remember passwords if they can say them, yet can’t be dictionary attacked as easily as real words.

However, there is a finite set of possible passwords produced by this generator, so, as Gareth suggests, its more suited for “lost password” functionality, etc.

  • AlexW

    Sounds like a nice idea. I’d love to see i in action but I couldn’t see a working example.

  • Richard
  • Jaap

    This Works Really GREAT! Thank You!

  • dilvie

    If you want a pronounceable password generator on-line, check out the one I whipped up in JavaScript, available here:

  • Mel works great, but NOT FREE…

  • Boris Putin

    I’m from Moscow.

    I can build the function for this in few hours. But it’s much faster to purchase 4aspnet parole for $30 or even crack it :)

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