SitePoint partners with New Relic to distribute 5000 memberships

15th October 2014
Los Angeles, CA — SitePoint, one of the worlds leading resources for web developers and one of the top 700 global websites, is partnering with the web application and performance management service, New Relic to distribute 5,000 free memberships to its learning platform, Learnable. SitePoint is excited to partner with New Relic for a second year and to share our love for creating incredible Internet things with New Relic customers.

Recognizing that it is critical for developers to keep their skills up to date, SitePoint publishes editorial and educational content covering the latest in web development and design. “Our partnership with New Relic continues to go from strength to strength,” said SitePoint’s General Manager, Simon Julian. “On our 15th birthday we’re pleased to once again pair first-time New Relic deploys with Learnable memberships to help developers work faster and better.”

SitePoint and New Relic will give away one of the 5,000 annual Learnable memberships whenever someone deploys to New Relic via the New Relic offer page at

Kirk Becker an aspiring web developer from Austin Texas, deployed New Relic and claimed an annual Learnable membership in April. He says that the Learnable membership was a “godsend”, stating, “I am now starting to get somewhere on my project . The tutorials have really helped me understand the books. Learnable has been really great for me.” Helping web developers like Kirk create incredible internet things is our passion and partnering with New Relic is helping us achieve this goal.

SitePoint and Learnable company Bio
SitePoint provides the fundamentals and cutting-edge content for web professionals, developers, designers, programmers, freelancers and site owners.

Founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz; our mission is to deliver new ideas, emerging concepts, and teach state-of-the-art technology to our readers. Whether it’s via our practical tutorials, books, articles, courses, or our online learning platform Learnable, if it’s got anything to do with making great internet things – we’ve got you covered.