SitePoint Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with A Book Apart

SitePoint, one of the world’s leading resources for web developers and an Alexa top 700 global website, is proud to announce its partnership with A Book Apart, melding the offerings of two of the world’s most well-regarded web development and design book catalogs.

The partnership marks the first time that SitePoint will promote and sell such an extensive number of titles by another publisher, distributing A Book Apart’s ebook range alongside its own.

“It felt like a natural fit to partner with SitePoint,” said Katel LeDu, A Book Apart’s Executive Director. “They care deeply about offering a best-in-class experience, whether it’s through approachable tutorials and courses or via their online learning platform. It’s clear that we share a passion for providing high quality, practical resources and we’re just delighted to collaborate with them.”

SitePoint has been firmly established as a premier specialty book publisher for over a decade, with a current offering that spans more than 70 titles including the popular Jump Start and Novice to Ninja series. A Book Apart has been publishing for five years, and has released 13 ebooks on core web design and development topics such as responsive design, content strategy and web typography. In addition, both publishers have further releases planned for 2015.

“Partnering with A Book Apart made so much sense to us as we feel that their focus on solving tricky problems in an actionable and useful way mirrors our own – plus, we just really love their books and we know our audience will, too,” said SitePoint’s General Manager, Simon Julian.

SitePoint is distributing A Book Apart’s ebook range via its education platform Learnable, where ebooks from both publishers are available for standalone purchase. In addition, Learnable annual memberships, which already include downloads of all SitePoint ebooks, now include the A Book Apart ebook range, offering amazing value to developers seeking to expand their skill sets.

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