By Simon Willison

Presentations with s5

By Simon Willison
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One of the Opera browser’s best kept secrets is Opera Show, a brilliant feature which allows the easy creation and display of PowerPoint style presentations using HTML and the CSS projection media type. With s5, Eric Meyer has taken this core idea and expanded it in to a cross-browser XHTML slide show package.

s5 stands for Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System, and uses a combination of CSS, XHTML and JavaScript to turn a simple structured document in to a highly presentable set of slides. Themes are implemented using CSS and the entire package is small enough to allow for easy modification of any individual feature.

s5: An Introduction is a short example presentation which gives a short introduction to the system, or if you want to play on the bleeding edge the s5 testbed shows off the latest features. The system is currently under active development, with Eric’s weblog providing updates on new releases.


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