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Shaumik Daityari

Shaumik is an optimist, but one who carries an umbrella. He is currently pursuing his MBA at IIM Lucknow, after completing his M.Tech at IIT Roorkee. A co-founder of The Blog Bowl, he loves writing.

Author of

Python Package Management with pip
Video released December 14, 2016
Efficient One Line Commands in Python
Video released November 30, 2016
Working with Python's Dictionaries
Video released November 16, 2016
Creating Modules in Python
Video released September 20, 2016
Exploring List Data Structures in Python
Video released September 1, 2016
Testing in Python with Doctest and Unittest
Video released August 10, 2016
Interactive Debugging in Python with pdb
Video released June 30, 2016
Writing Efficient Code with Python
Video released August 17, 2016
Automated Bisect with Unit Tests
Video released April 26, 2016
Finding Bugs in Your Commits with Git Bisect
Video released April 14, 2016
Tracing Code Changes with Git Blame
Video released March 30, 2016
Learning to Use Cherry Pick in Git
Video released February 17, 2016
Rewriting History in Git
Video released February 10, 2016
Save Changes in Git Without Committing Using Stash
Video released February 5, 2016
Syncing Work with Others in Git
Video released January 29, 2016
How to Resolve Git Merge Conflicts
Video released January 22, 2016
Choosing to Rebase or Merge with Git?
Video released December 16, 2015
Reviewing Version Control in Daily Life
Video released December 10, 2015
Jump Start Git
Book released August 27, 2015


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