PHP Dependencies Made Easy with Composer

Published November 2015

A PHP dependency package hitting all the right notes

Ever see that commercial where the couple is sitting down to enjoy an on-demand movie and they’re suddenly inundated in a sea of movie boxes?

If you’re a PHP developer, chances are you’ve had that same feeling (minus the videos bopping your noggin) as you try to work with the wide variety of code libraries available. Save yourself by incorporating Composer, a robust dependency manager for PHP. In this short screencast, Joe Lowery will show you how to get up and running with Composer—along with its companion service, Packagist—and become a more efficient coder, rising with the tide of all those cool PHP frameworks and libraries rather than drowning in them. Composer, ahoy!

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Joseph Lowery

Joseph is an instructional rockstar and international bookseller with his books on web, having sold over 400,000 copies worldwide in eleven different language! He is the author of the Dreamweaver Bible series as well as works on Adobe web workflows, CSS and HTML. Joe has built hundreds of websites over the years, as well as numerous extensions and applications to help other web designers. He has authored over 30 courses for on a wide range of web-related subjects including Dreamweaver, WordPress, Google Cloud Platform, Laravel, PHP and HTML5.