How to Rewire Your Brain for Mobile First UX

Part of Screencast Series: Designing for the Web

Published February 2016

But First, Mobile First UX

In this tutorial, you will go over the benefits of mobile first UX. You will see the difference it can make for your applications and your users, and you will become aware of the difference between true mobile first approaches and the act of retrofitting a non mobile friendly site to be responsive. You should finish this tutorial ready to go out and practice your mobile first design approaches in whatever new projects you start!

Free What is Canva? 7:30
Free How to Choose Between Canva and Canva For Work 5:54
Free Harness the Power of Image Search in Canva for Better Designs 4:42
Free Exploring and Working with Photos in Canva 6:15
Free Multi-Page Layout Templates in Canva 4:09


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Meet your instructor
Kray Mitchell

Kray is an industry professional with over a decade of experience. He has built thousands of websites throughout the years and has been specializing in the Joomla! CMS