Feature Tests with RSpec: Simulate User Behavior and Test Your Ruby App

Part of Screencast Series: RSpec

Published February 2016

Let's talk about page interactions

Feature (or integration) tests are probably the most interesting type of all. In these tests, you are simulating users’ behavior and checking that an app is working as expected. In this screencast we are going to discuss page interactions with Capybara, saving screenshots from simulated browsers and introducing helper methods for your specs. After working through this video, you should come away with a solid understanding of feature tests with RSpec and Capybara interactions.


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Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Ilya is a lecturer at MATI-RSTU, senior engineer at Campaigner LLC and seasoned author at SitePoint. When Ilya is not working away on new projects or contributing to open source projects, he's expanding and refining his skills in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, Backbone and Rails. You can read all about his work and development discoveries on his blog Radiant Wind.