Learning Ruby on Rails 3

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Published March 2011

Rails and the Web

Note: to learn Ruby on Rails 4, enroll in Build your first Rails app with Andy Hawthorne.

This course aims to get you started in Ruby on Rails 3. Rails has become hugely popular in the past couple of years, mainly because it is built for the web.

It can be daunting though, especially as you need to learn a new language, and framework at the same time. This course aims to smooth that learning curve.

What you'll learn

  • Installing ruby on Rails on your operating system
  • A brief introduction on ruby
  • Creating your first rail application.
  • Learning the model, controllers and views as well as using routes and Gems
Meet your instructor
Myles Eftos

Myles a Perth-based web developer who has worked in all the major web languages, his weapon of choice being Ruby on Rails—although he’s found himself doing more and more front-end development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Lesson 1: Setting up Ruby and Rails
Free Introduction 0:55
Free Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails - OSX
Free Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails - Windows
Free Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails - Linux
Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails - Everybody
Lesson 2: A quick Ruby primer
Free Introduction 0:23
Running your code
Variables, Constants, Classes and Symbols
Forget about for loops
Scopes 5:01
Lesson 3: Creating your first Ruby on Rails application
Introduction 0:24
Creating an app 3:46
Meet your Rails app
Lesson 4: Models
Introduction 0:39
Warm up Act
Act I: Migrations
Act II: Validation
Lesson 5: Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting data
Introduction 0:33
Lesson 6: Associations
Introduction 0:22
Has Many and Belongs To
Has One and Belongs To
Has and Belongs to Many
Has many, through
Has many, polymorphic
Lesson 7: Controllers
Introduction 0:30
HTTP requests
RESTful Routes
Wiring up the Controllers
Lesson 8: Views
Introduction 0:47
Keep your code to a minimum
Lesson 9: Forms
Introduction 0:31
Getting data back in to the database
Other form helpers
The form tag
Lesson 10: Gems
Introduction 0:52
User Management
Code highlighting
Lesson 11: Routes
Introduction 1:03
Regular Routes
Named Routes
The Root Route
Nested Routes
Lesson 12: Fly! Be free!
Thanks! 0:40
Hints and Tips
Completed snippets library

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