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Published November 2016

Get started with Laravel 5.2

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks out today. It is packed with tools and functionality that most MVC frameworks come with out of the box. Remember doing user validation from scratch? After a fresh install and a few lines of code, you’ll have a few running user authentication system. That is just one of the many ways Laravel makes our lives as developers easier. Get your ideas off the ground quicker for a faster delivery time with tools of the latest trends.

This course is using Laravel 5.2 and requires that you have some knowledge about Vagrant, Virtualbox, managing your “hosts” entries, and some previous general PHP or Object Oriented Programming experience. The course uses a Mac for a base operating system so you must be comfortable in Windows or Linux if you need to replicate aspects locally.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Laravel installation and tools
  • The CRUD system
  • Make a Laravel application from scratch
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Isaac Castillo

Isaac Castillo is a freelance web developer from San Antonio, Texas. Before becoming a freelancer, Isaac was a lead instructor, a local coding boot camp instructor teaching LAMP stack topics. He has even started his own teaching space at Isaac loves building applications with Laravel and JavaScript and has been working with design and web application development for over 15 years!

Lesson 1: Laravel Introduction
What is Laravel? 2:42
Setting Up for Laravel 10:44
Installing Our First Laravel Application 13:44
Lesson 2: Laravel Concepts
What is routing? 9:03
What is middleware? 10:38
What are requests? 6:30
What are views? 11:01
The Power Behind Blade Templating 13:44
Lesson 3: Laravel Tools
File Structure 14:33
PHP Artisan Tool 11:11
Tinker 3:12
Lesson 4: Database Interaction
Running Our First Migrations 8:08
Setting Up Seeders 14:50
Php Artisan Tinker 4:48
Model Factory 4:26
Lesson 5: Models
Our First Models 10:12
Lesson 6: Controllers
Our First Controllers 13:13
Sending Data to Views 8:42
Lesson 7: Views
Setting Up Our Layouts 15:53
Lesson 8: Conclusion
Laravel Next Steps 1:26

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