A Beginner’s Guide to Production Linux

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Published March 2011

Learn to run your own secure web server on Linux.

A beginner’s guide to production Linux is a course aimed at users and developers who want to start running their own web server.

Whilst it’s pretty easy to get a virtual private server and get it running with Linux; straight out of the box many systems won’t be suitable for a production environment, and, may even be susceptible to being hacked.

The course covers configuring and securing a base CentOS 5 install, installing PHP and MySQL and configuring them to work with the Nginx web server.

What you'll learn

  • Configuring and securing a base CentOS 5 install
  • Run production ready servers that can be used commercially to host PHP web applications
Meet your instructor
Andrew Taylor

Andrew has around a decade of commercial Linux system administrator experience. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer, and has significant experience in building and high availability web servers built around the LAMP stack.

Lesson 1: Introduction, Objectives & Pre-requisites
Free Introduction & Objectives 3:01
Free Pre-requisites 8:31
Free vi Supplementary Lesson 9:36
Lesson 2: Installation and Configuration
Lesson 2 - Video Tutorial 20:23
Lesson 2 - Step by Step
Description of CentOS Services
Associated Files
Lesson 3: SSH and SUDO
Lesson 3 - Video Tutorial 9:04
Lesson 3 - Step by Step
Associated Files
Lesson 4: MySQL
Lesson 4 - Video Tutorial 8:28
Lesson 4 - Step by Step
Associated Files
Lesson 5: Nginx
Lesson 5 - Video Tutorial 17:08
Lesson 5 - Step by Step
Associated Files
Lesson 6: PHP
Lesson 6 - Video Tutorial 24:33
Lesson 6, Step by Step
Associated Files
Lesson 7: Monitoring
Lesson 7 - Video Tutorial 13:29
Lesson 7 - Step by Step
Associated Files
Lesson 8: Troubleshooting and Conclusion
Conclusion 3:20
Troubleshooting 27:55

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