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Jump Start CSS

Chapter 1
An Introduction to CSS

Welcome to Jump Start CSS! This book is an introduction to CSS that'll teach you the basics so you can start sprucing up your web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the industry standard technology for formatting web pages.

For the most part, this book will not serve as a theoretical source for the topics we'll be discussing—there are plenty of other resources for that. In this brief volume, we'll be focusing on practical information. I'll be showing you, in rapid fashion, what the various aspects of CSS are, and how you can use them to build web pages.

The Sample Project

In order to give you hands-on experience with CSS, this book is centered around a sample project that we'll be building together.

The sample project is a phony website called RecipeFinder. You can access a completed version of that website by visiting in any web browser.

We're going to take RecipeFinder from mock-up to development. The sample site's look is based on a Photoshop design. Figure 1.1 shows you what it looks like.

The website we'll be building in this book

Figure 1.1. The website we'll be building in this book

Now, before we get into building our project, let's properly introduce the elements of CSS and how it's used to style web pages.

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