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Git Fundamentals

What to Expect

In order to understand how Git can help you, we'll take you on a tour. The tour includes the Git commands and workflow that most web developers, designers, and content specialists might use. We'll use a simple example project, "Halo Whirled," to show you how you might use Git. The "Halo Whirled" walk-through uses only the basic Git commands.

Like any tour, we ask that you trust the directions will not lead you into any trouble. Don’t be intimidated by typing commands directly in the command line. Don’t worry about response(s) from your computer that we have not explicitly described. There is nothing in this set of examples that can cause any permanent harm to your computer.

Although Git was originally designed, and is most often used, for software source control, every attempt has been made here to be very generic in the discussion. You should see how these functions and features can apply to any work you do—especially if you find yourself in an environment of constant change.

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