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Git Fundamentals

Why Read This Guide?

The goal of this guide is to:

  • introduce you to Git

  • overcome the intimidating perception that Git is very “geeky” and confusing for non-programmers

  • fill a gap in almost all other resources on the web for learning (and learning about) Git

Among those who use Git on a regular basis, there is a sort of "evangelism" movement to help lead others to understand this great, free tool. That is the purpose of this guide. It's designed as a simple tutorial; an opportunity for you to “get your feet wet” in the Git world. You are not expected to become a Git expert as a result of reading this. You will not be tested on your “geek smarts.”

After reading this you should be able to:

  • decide if Git is a tool that can help your workflow

  • feel much more comfortable approaching and using Git (or Github)

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