6 Practical WordPress Projects

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6 Practical WordPress Projects

What’s included in SitePoint Premium?

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    WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the world, packed with features and functionality. What’s more, it’s extremely flexible, and has a very active community of people developing plugins, themes, tools and more. In this book, we’ll present six practical example WordPress projects. It contains:

    • How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch by Tonino Jankov
    • Building a Non-blog Site with WordPress by Tonino Jankov
    • Creating Custom Endpoints for the WordPress REST API by Ahmed Bouchefra
    • Building a WordPress Plugin with Vue by Ahmed Bouchefra
    • Preparing Your Content for the Extended Reality (XR) Future by Anthony Burchell
    • Using the WordPress Settings API to Build a Custom Admin Page by Tonino Jankov

    This book is suitable for developers with some WordPress experience. JavaScript experience is assumed and some PHP is useful. Chapter 5 is a bit more technical and uses C#, but you can still follow along even without knowing C#.

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