By Harry Fuecks

Practical PHP Programming

By Harry Fuecks

Paul Hudson, who writes for Linux Format has published his book Practical PHP Programming online.

Generally looks pretty good from what I’ve read and nice that goes from the absolute basics all the way to writing extensions. Would be great if Paul provided some kind of feedback mechanism, given he’s gone online with it; there’s various pieces of insight that could be added such as the page on included. Definately a good place to point people who are starting PHP from scratch.

  • patrikG

    Great link – thanks, Harry.

  • A very good link Harry, I’ve learnt some things from it that I haven’t seen covered in other books.

    Definitely one to add to the bookmarks.

  • George Schlossnagle

    Not to be catty, but sS are listed as ‘guru level’ regex patterns???

  • shoanm

    Why not just submit a bug report?

  • ghuytro

    That is a fantastically comprehensive site. That site in combination with should be all the intrepid PHP beginner needs to get started. Even for jaded veterans it looks like it should be a very useful resource.

  • I asked Paul last month about adding a feedback mechanism, whether it was to make the entire thing some sort of wiki or just allow comments. I don’t think he would mind if I shared part of his response:

    > I see where you’re coming from regarding
    > allowing comments beneath pages, but I
    > didn’t want to introduce that sort of
    > thing just yet.
    > The reason for this is because it’s
    > essentially “first draft” right now: no
    > technical editor has been through it, and
    > neither has a production editor. As a
    > result, it’s probably littered with many
    > hundreds of basic errors that I’d like to
    > get corrected before I open up general
    > comments.

  • sspivey

    what a great online book!

  • Very impressed to see a resource of this caliber online. As ghuytro stated with both this resource and would be a great asset to anyone venturing into PHP either as a newbie or those switching from another language.

  • Seen several chapters good for begginner and intermediate level.

    Nice link Harry.

  • Hudzilla

    ‘lo everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback on the book – if any of you think I’ve missed something out, please do get in touch.

    Chris, thanks for taking the time to cite my email regarding errors – just yesterday someone spotted three more pretty dumb errors that I’m surprised managed to get through! :) Still, I think we’re getting closer to the point where open comments can begin.

    George – you know what? You’re absolutely right. The regular expression chapters were one of the first few written, and I think you’re quite correct in saying that they don’t really set the level high enough for “guru”. Were there particular patterns you thought should be in there that weren’t? Let me know, and I’ll definitely include them. In the mean time, I’ll have a think about renaming the chapters so they’re more descriptive ;)

    Also, congratulations on your Advanced PHP book – I recommended it twice in Further Reading chapters, and would recommend it more except for the fact that it might make people think you paid me ;)

    Harry – could you be a bit more specific about the missing pieces of insight? IMHO, the current problem with the initial coding pages is that they are all written in a “this is the basics” way, so tips and tricks are just basically absent. I’m thinking maybe it’s worthwhile covering some extra include techniques in their own section later on in the book.

    Anyway, thanks again for your feedback and hope you all enjoy the book.


  • Thanks for the link. I haven’t taken a very close look but from what I have seen it looks to be an excellent resource.

  • Definitely a great link. Thanks.

  • Zafiris Liakos

    This book is just perfect for begin with PHP and move to a basic level knolege
    congratulations for this site i find to major subjects.

  • Dorsey

    After years of purchasing (at $40-65 each) volumes of technical reference books, I’ve learned that not all are worth the money, so I started reviewing them at bookstores and my local library instead. The downside to doing this is that I don’t have the worthwhile books later on when I need to refer to them.

    Here, at last, is the kind of online resource I need now, and can use in the future. My compliments on a nice piece of work, and my thanks for making it available to us all online.

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