PostgreSQL 9.0 Released

    Craig Buckler
    Craig Buckler

    PostgreSQL, or Postgres to its friends, is the underdog of the web database world. The system is overshadowed by MySQL despite being a robust, fully-featured, open source relational database with a passionate community. There are few technical reasons for MySQL’s higher adoption rates: it simply arrived first and established strong links with PHP developers.

    However, regardless of assurances from Oracle, MySQL’s future appears less certain. PostgreSQL, which has no single owner, is ideally placed to capitalize on any complications arising from the database giant.

    PostgreSQL 9.0 has recently been released and there are several improvements and new features which could attract a larger following:

    • Hot Standby: a second standby database for read-only queries. It’s created by replaying the primary database’s binary log file.
    • Streaming Replication: secondary servers can connect to a master whenever they want and receive the records they need. Lag times are short and the load on the primary server is minimal.
    • enhanced stored procedure support
    • Improved permission management
    • Column triggers: triggers which only fire when a specific column is updated.
    • WHEN conditional triggers
    • deferrable unique constraints: mass updates to unique keys are now possible
    • Sorting in aggregates
    • unnecessary JOIN removal optimization
    • anonymous functions
    • enhanced stored procedure support
    • EXPLAIN output available in JSON, XML, or YAML format
    • a 64-bit Windows binary distribution
    • a new module which supports in-place upgrades

    Organizations such as Yahoo, Skype,, and MySpace all use PostgreSQL. Will you?

    For more information about the release or the database in general, refer to

    Do you use PostgreSQL? Are you considering MySQL migration? How do the databases compare?