By Chrispian Burks

Post Level Text Link Ads

By Chrispian Burks

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of excited about Post Level Text Link Ads from Text Link Ads. TLA has been a great source of extra income on quite a few projects and I’m looking forward to this new way to make money with them.

Post Level Text Link Ads will add a small text ad/link at the end of your posts. It’s clean, easy on the eyes and doesn’t take up a traditional ad spot. That’s the appeal of text link / text ads for us. It also opens up thousands of pages for a possible ad placement.

According to TLA’s page:

  • Be exclusive to one Advertiser.
  • Allow Advertisers to have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description.
  • Be positioned directly at the end of top posts making it ideal for click throughs.
  • Each ad will be on a single page only.

The “Be exclusive to one Advertiser” and “Each ad will be on a single page only” points are big selling points for me, both as an advertiser and a publisher.

To my knowledge this currently only works with WordPress and I’ve heard that this may go live as early as Monday. What do you think of this new ad type?

  • jonathansnook

    I sell ads on my site and one of the things I did originally was offer a page-specific article link at the bottom of each article. Interestingly enough, it was one of the least popular options. Nobody asked for it. Whether that can be abstracted into anything meaningful, I’m not sure. I think it’s going to involve a lot more research on behalf of advertisers to find a page that will be a good fit for their services and isn’t priced too high that having a site-wide link isn’t more appealing.

  • I’m very interested in this, as well. The TLA integration with WP is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to getting convetered to WP.

  • chezza

    I really like them – if you have to do ads this is the way to go. Unobtrusive and relevant, the best way to do it.

  • I’m drawn to this. I feel the Google Ads on one of my WP sites is a little obtrusive right now; TLA’s might be the way to go

    Thanks for the post C

  • Anonymous

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  • Very interesting. I wonder if I can do this on a post by post basis. I don’t want an add at the bottom of all my posts.

  • Alex Choo


    I’m the developer of WP Text Ads. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to sell ads directly to advertisers.

    This means you get paid instantly, and pay no commissions. Furthermore, you can set your own ad rates and runs and build business relationships.

    The web site is here – http://www.wptextads.com

    If you use it, I’d love to hear from you

    My email is alexchoowk at wptextads dot com


  • Jonathan Dingman

    It’s definitely something TLA has been excited about for quite some time now.

    I for one, am eager to start working for Text Link Ads Inc. next month as the new product manager. I hope to get some great features enhanced and added to the already existing product line and continue to develop a better product line for everyone.

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