By Kevin Yank

Plug-in security fix now on

By Kevin Yank

The title says it all, folks. Everyday users are now able to download Java 1.4.2_06, the version that fixes the plug-in security hole revealed last week.

According to Sun (via Javalobby), over 1.9 million people have downloaded the update, about 1 million of which were in the past 24 hours (presumably since the fix was released on

  • Dr Livingston

    God, is Sun getting as bad as Microsoft? I hope not :eek:

  • Don
  • The domain hadn’t been used for a long time. Sun used and before.
    Anyone has premium account on I’m curious to know who owned this domain before Sun got it.

  • sbdi

    Eh, Sun is as bad as microsoft. We’ve had a few guest lecturers from Sun give talks. They consistently make digs at MS.

    Whenever a MS guy comes in he talks about what he set out… I guess its still cool to be anti-ms in computing ;)

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