By Andrew Neitlich

Please participate in a benchmarking survey of web design/developer marketing practices

By Andrew Neitlich

The good people at SitePoint have been kind enough to indulge my request to conduct a marketing benchmarking survey of SitePoint readers. It is not scientific, it is a bit biased, and it may not even be comprehensive — but it does have lots of great questions for your to compare yourself to others, and should be of interest to anyone reading this blog.

The link follows. I’d sure be grateful if everyone reading this can take a few moments to click the link below and complete the survey. Then I will compile results and report back to you. I’ll share my interpretations of the data, and you can share yours.

Marketing Benchmarking Survey

Thanks — and look for some results soon!

And thanks again to SitePoint for making this possible.

  • pdxi


    I didn’t find the survey to be terribly comprehensive but I think that it’s enough to get a vague idea of how we’re marketing ourselves and our services.

    The only thing that I can think of to add would be a general “comments” section. Many of my “multiple choice” answers would have made more sense if I was allowed to explain them at the end with a one- or two-sentence explanation. I think this would be more helpful to you than a set of simple A,B,C,D-type answers.

    I’m eager to see how everyone answered!

  • Nice survey – any idea how long we are going to wait for the results?

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  • I agree with pdxi – not all answers fit the multiplechoice options. I kind of miss a option “I don’t do any active marketing”.

    I’ve had my business for almost 6 years now. I have never picked up the phone to call a prospect, I’ve never send out any direct mail, had a print ad, paid for online or offline adverting. None the less my business is doing great, and I have more clients than I can manage. Almost all my clients have come though direct referals from previous clients, the rest have contacted me directly after having seen one of the many sites I’ve made.

    Is anyone else growing their business the same way as me or have I just been very lucky so far in respect to getting clients without any active marketing activities?

  • aneitlich


    We’ll find out in the survey if others do the same. Ideally you have only checked off the category about referrals and the rest you have noted are not tactics you use.


  • Andrew.

    I’m looking forward to results of the survey. I did exactly as you describe.

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  • When do you anticipate publishing results, Andrew? Wow i must say this was an excellent summer doldrums memory jogger. I’ve printed out the survey form to serve as araod map for the next couple weeks acticity … like that postcard campagin I had already to go months and months ago … what happened to that … amazing how things can get pushed aside.

  • aneitlich

    Results will come out in a week or two.

    The faster we get a good base of respondents, the faster results will be available! I figure if we can get 100 respondents, that’s good enough.


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  • etechsupport

    I have participated it, just awaiting for the result.

  • aneitlich

    Results coming August 15 or 16, so take the survey if you haven’t already!


  • gwailoah

    Might’ve missed the survey, but presently researching the benchmarking of the marketing function and would be interested to get a copy of the results. Thanks!

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