By Andrew Neitlich

Please check out the new Sitepoint article about growing your business

By Andrew Neitlich

In case you haven’t read it already, please go to Sitepoint today to check out my latest article about growing your business. It is ideal for people struggling to get past the independent contractor stage, as well as for anyone running a small- to mid-sized firm.

Also, I’m always looking for good ideas for the next articles. Any feedback appreciated.

Link to this month’s article:



  • jason

    andrew, here’s an idea for a column or blog.

    i’ve been thinking lately about how to handle a certain type of client. these clients have good projects but are fickle, finnicky, and difficult to please. yet they keep offering work. to be honest, i have a few that i can’t stand to work with, but have a hard time giving up the money. but now it’s starting to be more hassle than benefit.

    what is a good reason to drop a client, and how can you tactifully turn down work without burning bridges?

  • Michael

    Thank you very much for this article. Thank you for all your energy and time you put in this blog.

    Your informations help a lot.

  • Great ariticle!!!

    As for suggestions, what all can you do to create ‘buzz’ about upcoming software? I was able to think of a few things such as blogs, mailing lists and and promoting the release date. But is there actually an ‘art’ to it, and are there other things you can do?

  • Annonymous

    Mr. Neitlich,

    One idea I have for a blog or article is one geared toward younger Web developers. I am in high school and wondering how to get a businesses going, especially with age being a factor.

    I always read your blogs and articles. I enjoy them and learn a lot from them. Thank you!

  • Emmanuel Tetteh Kuadzi

    Thanks a lot for your tips and tricks. Your articles on Sitepoint, helps the freelance developers to know what to do at what time.

    Thanks, once again.

  • Jason, This is something where we need to tackle without building a bridge. Ofcoures no-one wanted to give up money. When he keep offering work to you, that means you are doing good for him and his business. Why not laid 10 point criteria/conditions in front of your website and pointing it out to your client. I sometime did mistake by giving too much time to my clients, putting too much effort on every work. What I suggest, being a professional, we have to deal with it accordingly. Conditions > Project Accepted > Advance Payment > Work Start > Work Uploaded > Paymnet cleared > End. No more interaction after that, it seems bit rude, but it works, at least for me :)

  • Kavita Bhatt

    I like this article n i m dead dure any novice in business strategy cud achieve zenith.This article vouchsafew the proound grasping in various businees strategy n wehat business actually demands it caters this.

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