Pizza, Beer and PHP on Microsoft Web Platform

Sarah Hawk

The last week has been a busy one for the SitePoint community, but not so busy that I couldn’t take some time out on Friday to join my colleagues for pizza and beer for lunch. That might surprise those of you that know that I work remotely from New Zealand, but thanks to technology, distance is no longer a hurdle. Our office manager Flynn organised for pizza to be delivered to my place and we Skyped into the office. I am a bit worried about just how much my kids seem to like pizza. Check this out…

Pizza in the Melbourne SitePoint office

The Melbourne office

There have been some big changes around the SitePoint forums with regard to staffing. I am pleased to introduce two new Team Leaders to you. Please join me in congratulating Mittineague and Paul O’B for their new roles in the Programming and Design teams respectively. Dave Maxwell has moved from Design to take the reigns of the Grow and Manage Team.

While we’re on the subject of the forums, there is some fun to be had this week with our

Pizza in the Auckland SitePoint office

The Auckland office

Software Personification Contest into it’s second (and final) week. This one should be good for a laugh. If you’re creative, why not give it a shot. Hell, why not give it a shot anyway?

The newest of our sub forums saw a guest appearance from Microsoft’s Mark Brown last week. Mark dropped into PHP on Microsoft Web Platform to answer your questions on configuring and running PHP applications on Microsoft platforms. He’ll be around again next month if you missed him last week.

This week the buzz on our Facebook fan page is all about our Systems Admin Adam Bolte. Adam explains what his job entails and how he utilises IaaS to do that job. Next week marks the end of the Get To Know Us campaign for September and we’ll be running a quiz based on the information that Kev, Mal and Adam have given you over the month. You could pick yourself up a copy of our about-to-be-released book “Host Your Web Site In The Cloud”.

Last up for the week is a reminder that voting in the 2010 .net Magazine Awards ends in a few weeks. We have been nominated for Community Site of the Year and Podcast of the Year. Make sure you cast your vote (and no, it doesn’t have to be for us).

Hot Topics This Week

How do you organise your CSS? That’s the question on everyone’s lips in our CSS forum right now. Let’s hear your approach.

In the .NET forum there is an interesting thread entitled ‘Jack of All Trades’. As the name suggests, the discussion is around whether you should focus on one language or area of programming, or whether it is more versatile to know a little about everything.

What books would you recommend to a web designer that wants to become an advanced developer? If you think you can help, head to the Questions forum.

And finally, the Javascript geeks are talking Mega-drop-downs (which would make a great dinosaur name).

Anyway, I’m fighting a serious battle with a cold so I have some sleeping to do. Take care.