PHPMaster: The Importance of Standards

By Robert Mariotti

The working world would be nice if we could only develop and maintain our own code. The reason being: we would inherently understand the concepts, work-flow, and logic within it. But like every working developer I’ve ever known, including myself, our days are filled with maintaining existing programs – sometimes a process not for the feint of heart. As a long-time programmer, often with a staff of other programmers to watch over, I learned early in my career how important enforcing programming standards is in contributing to the overall success of a project

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PHPMaster: The Importance of Standards

Meet the author
Robert Mariotti is no stranger to the software design and services industry as he has worked in its technical trenches for over 30 years. He was co-founder, executive vice president, and chief software architect for Financial DataCorp of Glastonbury, CT, for over 20 years and was responsible for the design, development, and deployment of financial services software for the banking and credit union industries. Very much accustomed to a busy, technically challenging schedule, Bob has joined the University of Connecticut, School of Law in the Linux systems administration and web management roles. He can be reached via email at r.mariotti[at]fdcx[dot]net.

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