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PHPMaster: Localizing PHP Applications “The Right Way”, Part 4

By Abdullah Abouzekry

In Part 3 you learned some of the more important aspects of real-world localizing your application, such as using a default fallback locale and separating messages into multiple domain files depending on their usage. In this part I’ll show you what is arguably the most powerful feature of gettext – handling plural forms. The plural forms feature of gettext you enable you to localize your application perfectly and professionally. Plural Forms The early programmers who first wrote messages for display to the user soon ran into a problem.

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PHPMaster: Localizing PHP Applications “The Right Way”, Part 4

Abdullah Abouzekry is an experienced web-developer with over 7 years developing PHP/MySQL applications ranging from simple web sites to extensive web-based business applications. Although his main experience is with PHP/MySQL and related web technologies, he has developed and localized many desktop applications in C#, Python/Qt, Java, and C++. When not writing code, Abdullah likes to read, listen to oriental music, and have fun with his little family.

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