PHPMaster: Integrating Amazon S3 using PEAR

By Matt Turland

I was recently looking for a hosting service for an application I was developing. I decided to investigate , as I was expecting it to get surges of traffic at specific points during each year and needed the application to scale accordingly. In the process of reviewing documentation for, I found that it doesn’t allow file uploads . Instead, it’s recommended that Amazon S3 be used for file hosting

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PHPMaster: Integrating Amazon S3 using PEAR

Meet the author
Matthew Turland has been working with PHP since 2002. He has been both an author and technical editor for php|architect Magazine, spoken at multiple conferences including Confoo and php|tek, served as an instructor for php|architect training courses, and contributed to Zend Framework. He holds the PHP 5 and Zend Framework ZCE certifications and is the author of "php|architect's Guide to Web Scraping with PHP." He currently works as a Senior Engineer for Synacor. In his spare time, Matt likes to bend PHP to his will to scrape web pages and run IRC bots.

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