By Harry Fuecks

phpFS: Firefox Plugin for the Manual

By Harry Fuecks

Thanks to David: phpFS (php Function Search) – adds a search “drop down” for finding functions in the PHP manual. Where I bungled, David gets it right…

  • ah good ol’ firefox…

  • Raineri

    Search plugins like these were already available in the mozilla dev site.

    Just enter “php” or whatever else you would like in the search box. Most of the popular already have a plugin made for them. The one I’ve been using for a while is called “php-functions”.

  • Oh.. and here was me hoping for some uber-cool-xul PHP manual distribution media ;-)

  • heh…i rolled my own version of that about a year ago (as well as a search plugin for our site’s search engine, and one going to

  • Goba

    Ehem, this feature is avaialble since January 19, 2004 at (where there are also tips for Opera users to utilize the same feature). BTW it also works with Sherlock and Mozilla Suite.

  • Sam

    Why waste time configuring a browser when you can use Deadman’s Redirect and leave all of your aliases on a server?

  • chanel

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