By Harry Fuecks

phpDocumentor call for help

By Harry Fuecks

Josh Eichorn, is calling for help on phpDocumentor.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile project to invest some spare time on (and perhaps add to your CV), phpDocumentor is it. It’s pretty much become the standard API doc tool for PHP and is an asset to everyone working with PHP.

Think the big thing it needs is unit tests, which would do alot to reduce the effort required to maintain it. If you do sign up for the mailing lists, best to take a “self starting” approach – calls for help of this kind usually mean someone already got too much to do.

  • don’t mean to be a troll but what’s wrong with doxygen? It’s had support for php for long while now and most of the @xxx tags are the same (if not all) The quality of the generated pages is the the same or better, plus with doxygen your able to generate ps, rtf, windows help files and whatnot…

  • doxygen is also good – eZ publish uses it I know – have played myself and was impressed. Can’t say why I don’t use it in fact. phpDocumentor is also good though. No contest ;)

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