By Harry Fuecks

PHP4 and PHP5 on IIS

By Harry Fuecks

After posting some links here on how to run PHP4 and PHP5 in parallel, a few people were asking about how to do the same with IIS.

David Duret dropped me an email to say he’s put up an article at explaining how to do it. The Google translation from French to English is here.

  • G8r :) But it’s not English :bawling:

  • mmj

    English translation:
    “Several versions of PHP on the same waiter” ;)

  • Hehe. Serveur is also waiter in french. And probably the more common usage. As are many computer terms, so one ends up seeing “shelterer” for host, and “reporitory” for directory. Overall I would say google did a great job with a technical document.

    Looking at the instructions, I dont really see how it would work. I am going to give it a shot and report back though.


  • David Duret

    Hi, I’m currently translating my article in a old – almost – good english because Google made some (funny ?) mistkakes… If you have some comments, they would be incorporated in the translation…

  • Yeah, please get on with translating. I used to understand French some 5-6 years back but not anymore. I’m French Illiterate & yes, machine translation makes it really….

  • David Duret

    Here is the english version of the article: – please don’t blame me for my poor english :) Any comments (and corrections) are welcome.

  • phpster

    dead links

  • chopster

    Maybe English choked him… hm

  • Girish

    To instally php4 and php5 on the same computer u need to setup what most hosting providers use. I dunno exactly what it is but u can then have different php.ini files. So u just select which php version to use in the corresponding php.ini file.

    I found this article about installing php on iis

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