PHP ZH Round One

Yesterday’s first meeting worked out pretty well, to the point where I needed a quiet morning. Good turnout for the kick off thanks to everyone that made it and especially to Christian for providing space.

Security Primer talk now online here (PDF). Also a couple of snaps from Christian.

Next mission is a “re-branding”, prompted by Esther pointing out that PHP is too narrow a topic – new name to be something like “Web Tuesday”.

Also had an offer to host next month’s meeting at the Zurich offices of (OK – I talked Denis and Urban into it).. S
hould be interesting: the dev team are doing some leading edge stuff. You may have seen (was released some time before Google maps and, IMO, still has a much slicker UI – check out the left and right mouse button zoom for example). Their latest app adds a new spin on searching for real estate, acting as a “meta UI” for various Swiss real estate sites – although on English l10n (German or French) it’s well worth checking out. From chat last night, sounds like they’ve got some more cool stuff in the wings – watch this space. Bottom line is these guys are ahead of the curve – if they were based in the States, they’d have made /. a good few times by now