By Harry Fuecks

PHP Wikis + PHP 5.0.1

By Harry Fuecks

Just some pointers…

Havard has set up some WIKIs on his new domain including a PHP wiki, a PECL wiki and a PEAR wiki. Although the PHP wiki has most content right now, can see these being helpful particularily for PECL and PEAR, where theres no real common repository for user submitted documentation. The wikis run on Media WIKI. Have a suggestion / feature request already – could be good to hook up with the RSS feeds although whether that’s easy to implement with Media WIKI I dont know.

Otherwise PHP 5.0.1 is out – a maintenance release fixing bugs – see the CHANGELOG.

  • nucleuz

    I just merged the php/pecl/pear WIKIs into one database last night ( you had to create 3 different users previously to post something on the wiki ), so the URL’s are new ( I have a Rewrite engine on, so you’ll get to the correct pages now ).

    I’ll look into that feature request, shouldn’t be too hard to include a external file that parse the RSS from, but I’m at work right now so I’ll do it tonight.

  • nucleuz

    feeds from are now live on via a little cron job. Will write up something on that in a bit.

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