PHP in Zurich

After seeing what these guys have accomplished, met up with Maarten and Christian and got motivated to start PHP Zürich. This is running in parallel to the Swiss PHP user group, which tends to meet less frequently and roves around the country, at the cost of establishing regular faces. Amazingly, PHP Zurich has already got it’s first non-founding member – Rolf, who I met in London.

The first PHP Zurich meeting will be next month on Tuesday 14th at 18:30 – location – Bitflux HQ. I’ll be giving a short talk on PHP security, aimed more at beginners, then we’ll move on to Rossi’s. In future, the plan is to meet once a month on the first Tuesday – if you want to be notified automatically, see here.

Anyway – more info at If you feel like adding some details about yourself, see here. It’s open to anyone interested.