By Harry Fuecks

PHP Conference London 2007

By Harry Fuecks

It’s back! – just doing my bit to support the UK’s premiere PHP event. And hats off to them again for honest pricing – no inflation since last year if I remember right: £50 in advance or £75 on the day. Whether I’ll be able to get there is another story but I’d like to.

  • I’m so tempted to go! Been wanting to go to one of these for some time now :)

  • kyberfabrikken

    I couldn’t make it last year, but I going there now. Any other sitepointers planning on going? Maybe we meet and could shake hands or something.

  • Do they ever have those conferences in Canada?

  • I might go :)

  • musher

    Think I’ll try and get there this year, failed miserably last time :(

  • Anonymous

    Is there ever going to be a simple tutorial explaining in detail how to get PHP setup on your PC.

    Don’t tell me about the ones out there becuase i have tried them all and cannot get not get the most simple, (info.php) of pages to render.

  • Symcbean

    Do they ever have those conferences in Canada?

    XraySierra – yes PHP Quebec

  • Anonymous

    hey try XAMPPm it’s easy to setup

  • ianm

    to Anonymous

    Try XAMP to install PHP. One touch install, works instantly.

  • Andy

    Hello, just wondering if you could help me out…

    I’m an amateur web designer and I’m looking for a particular php script but I’m not sure what category it’s under or what its called. I hope you are able to help me out!

    There is a main page containing the layout called index.php. There is a php code in the script in the area where pages can be embedded.

    Other pages are then embedded using the query string. For example, if I had a page of content called contact.php, I can embed contact.php in the main layout by typing

    Do you recognize this script? I will appreciate your help very much. Thanks!

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