PHP Comes of Age

Oracle (yes Oracle) have an interesting article up titled PHP Comes of Age which reflects on PHP’s past and makes some insightful observations on “Culture Clash”, PHP being, in many ways, a meeting point for programmers of many backgrounds.

The signs of PHP’s growing maturity and acceptance are definately in the wind. If you believe in straw polls, TIOBE’s Programming Community Index places PHP as the forth most popular programming language, after Java, C and C++ (that index is based on Google searches so take a big pinch of salt). From Oracle’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to PHP to JSR 223 and Zend’s planned US expansion, it seems like PHP has hit critical mass.

The points Philippe Lachaise makes on PHP’s culture are valid. How will long time PHP hackers cope with the switch from “outsiders” to “mainstream”? Will the meeting of different programming mindsets clash or harmonize? Time will tell…

Also: From C++ to PHP – another article by Philippe Lachaise