By Harry Fuecks

PHP 5 Release Candidate 1

By Harry Fuecks

Not this is news if you’ve been paying attention (it’s all over but it’s out.

Release Candidates pave the way to an official release (as in “to the best of knowledge, this is stable or with documented bugs”). In other words PHP5 is close.

Nows the time to get your say in. Download the release and test it. See how your existing code handles it. Find bugs bearing in mind the changes and the PHP4 > 5 Migration Guide, and report them (while remembering to read how to report a bug).

Particularily important, no doubt, will be feedback from Windows users. Although PHP is cross platform much of the core development is done on Linux (I assume) so issues on Windows often turn up later. If you don’t want disappointment when a stable release of PHP5 hits the streets, add your input.

  • NarGemini

    Woohoo! PHP 5 RC1! Yay PHP!

  • sleepeasy

    Earlier I went to out of boredom more than anything else, and really surprised to see the announcement – I expected it to be another couple of weeks before it was released.

    Anyway, RC1 is now installed and behaving very well, and it looks like all the problems I was having with using foreach()’ing various things have been solved. :)

    I guess I’m gonna have to really start working to make sure my PHP5 apps are ready to “ship” for the final version (just a little competition I’m having with myself).

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