PHP 5 and more for OS X

Blane Warrene

Marc Liyanage continues to deliver great material to Macintosh developers leveraging open source on their systems. In April – OS X package installers for both PHP 4.3.11 and 5.0.4 were released.

Following some basic tips from Liyanage, which he offers on each of his software packages, one can run both releases on the same system – just not simultaneously.

The site also has an active forum for discussing the specific Mac OS X packages Marc builds and distributes.

For those new to Entropy, Marc uses it primarily to deliver OS X software packages and How-Tos’s for running (compatible with Jaguar and Panther):

  • MySQL Database Server
  • PostgreSQL Database Server
  • vim 6.1 text editor
  • nedit 5.2 X11 text editor
  • t1utils PostScript Type 1 Font Utilities
  • TCP Flow Recorder
  • ImageMagick Image Manipulation Tools

Marc has also written several of his own apps or add-ins, including:

  • Quartz Extreme Check, an application that checks if Quartz Extreme acceleration is active.
  • BBEdit XSLT Language Glossary, a glossary supporting XSLT authors in BBEdit.
  • BBEdit Ant Language Glossary, a glossary supporting authors of Apache Ant Java build description files in BBEdit.
  • BBEdit JSP Language Glossary, a glossary supporting JSP authors in BBEdit.
  • BBEdit Perl Language Glossary, a glossary supporting Perl programmers in BBEdit.
  • BBEdit Java Language Glossary, a glossary supporting Java programmers in BBEdit.
  • BBEdit Bourne Shell Glossary, a glossary supporting authors of Bourne Shell (e.g. bash) scripts in BBEdit.
  • TestXSLT, an application for learning and applying XSLT transformation
  • Checksum is a Cocoa wrapper around the openssl tool for calculating MD5 and other checksums (message digests) of files
  • LeanCalc is a Cocoa calculator program (Panther only).
  • Open Terminal Toolbar Script
  • Character set conversion scripts in Perl for BBEdit and stand-alone use