By Lucas Chan

PHP 4.3.11 and 5.04 Released

By Lucas Chan

The new releases include several security fixes relating to the exif and fbsql extensions, as well as the unserialize(), swf_definepoly() and getimagesize() functions. There are also over 70 non-critical bug fixes. The PHP Dev Team says that all PHP users are “strongly encouraged to upgrade”.

PHP download page.
PHP 4.3.11 ChangeLog.
PHP 5.0.4 ChangeLog.

  • Robert

    Does anyone else see a dog instead of the php logo on the change logs?

  • Nope, just you Robert. ;)

  • Yes…it’s funny :)

  • Yeah. Trying to find the link between (what appears to be) a sausege dog and PHP now :)

  • Dr Livingston

    those 70 bug fixes do count for something i think though?

    think thats more important than the gifs on a web page :lol:

  • neves
  • Dr Livingston

    yep i’m using 5.0.3

    not a big enough reason to upgrade… just yet :)

  • Jakob Mund

    nice to see that they are working on hard on PHP and care about security, but i’m waiting for php 5.1.0 with the major improvements (PDO etc)

  • the dog was part of 1 April day, it was not a bug.

  • I just hope that servers start upgrading from PHP4 to PHP5!
    I see no reason to stay with PHP4! :P

  • When are users ever not “strongly encouraged to upgrade” with a new software release?

  • Ryan Wray

    When they rely on behaviour only present in previous versions? You’re always encouraged, but sometimes you’re strongly encouraged: usually because of security concerns.

    Never saw the dog, I remember seeing another PHP logo you could call upon which was a person (can’t remember who now) instead of the traditional writing PHP.

  • Dogs != bugs. At the very least, you can figure this out by counting its’ legs…

  • It does look like there will not be much reason to upgrade until 5.1, even for the those obsessed with having things up to date.

  • What’s next? Are they working on 4.4 and 5.1, or is it going to end at 4.3 and then they’ll just continue 5?

  • joshua

    i’m just starting, my hosting service only has 4.3.11, but i need 5 for my project..

    what’s the difference?

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