By Corrie Haffly

Photo books for the masses

By Corrie Haffly

I finally downloaded all my pictures from Boston onto my laptop, and amazingly, some of the fireworks pictures actually turned out… fair. Which brings me to a web site service that a coworker referred to me… is a web site that allows you to create your own hard-cover or paperback photo books, with text or without. I tried making a test one and was quite impressed with the easy-to-use software (quick download) as well as the super-fast turnaround time. Paperback books start at $9.95 for 20 pages, hardcover start at $29.95 for 10 pages — although I was quite excited to see today that they have a special deal for a $19.80 20 page book until the end of August! I will definitely be making a book with some Boston photos.

I apologize to those of you who were actually expecting a “design” related blog… I’ll be more on task tomorrow!

  • myrdhrin


    Do you know if they can ship outside USA?

    oh, and what about the paper quality… is it real good?


  • Hi, Jean-Marc —
    Their web site doesn’t seem to specify where they ship to, so I don’t know the details for your first question – sorry!

    The glossy paper is a little lighter than what you’d find in an expensive coffee-table book, but not too shabby at all for the price. The print quality is definitely not as high-quality as a “normal” book or photograph, but certainly as good as, and probably even better, than what most people would have access to with ink-jet printers and the like. Hope that answers your questions!

  • Bruce Watermann

    Thanks for the interest in our products. We currently ship to Austira, Belgum, Canada, Czech Rep., Denmark, Finland, France,Germany, Hungary, Iceland,Italy, Japan,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Norway,Poland, Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, UK and USA.
    Bruce Watermann, VP Operations, MyPublisher, Inc.

  • dogscape

    Sony Image Station offers a similar service at:
    They also do photo prints for low $$$.
    I believe the pricing on the photobooks was similar

  • sammygo

    I just ran across this thread while looking through the archives and thought I would give my two cents. I have used several times to publish hardcover books. The quality is really amazing and the website is very easy to use. You can also invite friends to work on the book together. From looking at their website, they ship to the US and its territories, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

  • lizwolkoart

    I have had wonderful experiences with My Publisher- one thing that differentiates them from the other sites above is their option for leather bound books. They look great, and the paper quality is much higher then laser printer quality, very glossy. We tried a couple of the other sites, and they just didn’t measure up to the quality of My Publisher

  • victor Hotho

    I would hesitate to recommend image station. quality is an issue. It is wholly owned by Sony, yet the service is farmed out to a lesser quality (lowest bid) fulfillment center. In fact this can be discerned by the backprint and the origin zip code vs. the return address.

  • Dimi

    Hi all,

    do you know other PhotoBook services by ocasion? What are the most powerfull? Who has big market share? Tnx in advance.


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